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Dear member,

‘What about us Nicola’

GMB Scotland have written to Cllr Stephen McCabe COSLA Spokesperson for Children and Young People highlighting the shambolic situation across Scotland within our schools.  

Clearly, the safety of Scotland’s forgotten workforce of school cleaners, clerical and catering staff, janitors, and pupil support assistants has yet again been an afterthought.  

This is unacceptable. Your unioreps have been actively engaged within each local authority area, but it is now clear that a national approach is urgently required by the Scottish Government to ensure your health and safety is not further compromised within your workplace. 

It is not your union who have asked you to risk your life in returning to work.  It is your employer and the Scottish Government, but you can change this by sending a clear message and standing in solidarity with all school support staff from across the country to say enough is enough.

A fundamental question remains if schools are deemed unsafe for teachers how then can they be safe for support staff.  Only the Scottish Government can answer this question as we see virus transmission rates continue to rise across Scotland.  

A balanced approach is needed if Scottish Schools are to remain openbut we see neither balance nor equality for the vital role you play in providing support to vulnerable and key worker children in comparison to that of your teaching colleagues.  

This needs to be recognised urgently by those in power to ensure that all school-based workers have a covid secure workplace.  It’s simply about people not politics.  

Its time you add your name to the GMB Scotland What about us Nicola’ campaign, which is demanding the national introduction of community hubs, the closures of non-essential buildings and staffing rotas for all.  Along with covid secure workplaces, access to proper mass testing, priority vaccinations and enhanced social distancing measure as a minimum,

This can be done by clicking on the following link

Kind Regards 
GMB Scotland – Schools Support Team  

Posted: 15th January 2021

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