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Dear Member,

I have formally written to Aberdeenshire Council asking them to withdraw RLWS Flexible Working Project with immediate effect due to the lack of formal consultation with your union and the wider workforce.

I have received confirmation this morning that the project has indeed been withdrawn for the foreseeable future this is a clear win for GMB Scotland members across Aberdeenshire Council.

I have also expressed my concern that the communication entitled ‘RLWS Flexible Working Project’ indicated that your union had supported this move this is not true.

Aberdeenshire Council has not presented a formal business case, nor have they conducted an equality impact assessment for any such change to the contracted status of employees within roads, landscape services, and construction.

GMB Scotland is a member led trade union and we will always consult our members about any change within their workplace.

Only with a united voice can your union address such issues so please ensure that all your colleagues join Scotland’s campaigning union.

Your union needs to continue to grow and organise within Aberdeenshire Council to ensure that our members have a clear workplace voice that is heard so if the council bring back this proposal back at a later date we are coordinated with our response.

Kind regards

Stephen Massey
Aberdeen Regional Organiser

Posted: 11th May 2021

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